The last few months have been turmoil. We have lost certain connections due to various reasons, not in the last place, a devastating pandemic. It is, however, never too late to rediscover those connections. Different locations create different connections within the mind and soul. These connections have been the driving force behind our latest drop. The different moods and feelings that connect to us when we find ourselves in different locations have been expressed in three new tees; a yellow tee for the lifestyle of the nature, a white tee for the lifestyle of the road and a purple tee for the lifestyle of the city. Each lifestyle provides us with different ways to explore and expand our mind and broaden our view of the world.


In a world where urbanisation is rapidly increasing.
Nature is the place where you can come to your senses.
Enjoy the beauty and serenity of the flora and fauna of the wild.
Explore wide varieties of vegetation and get inspired by the sound of nature.
Escape the busy city life and find your inner peace.
Because there will be no bigger freedom of life,
Than the minimalistic life of the nature. Where creativity roams freely.



No joy is bigger than the joy of the journey.
For some it means new beginnings.
For others, bridging the gap between connecting paths.
However, an adventure is never dull.
With no bigger mystery than stepping into the unknown.
Therefore, there is no bigger excitement than life on the road.



The bustling lifestyle.
The place of opportunity.
Where you can network,
Or hangout with friends.
Express yourself,
And unleash your creativity.
There is no place like this,
No place like the city.

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