Mi-Chemin is a collective of creatives from the town of Halfweg, the Netherlands. It was founded by four lifelong friends with an ambition to use their creativity and entrepreneurship to create something unique, something that would make them proud and would inspire people. At Mi-Chemin, we combine our three biggest interests: fashion, music and art, to create a unique trifecta of creative outputs. Other than our clothing label we produce music, videos, paintings and perform as DJ’s. Our goal is to unite and inspire people to express themselves in creative ways, without fear or anxiety.

We feel that people are generally afraid to execute their creative ideas because of financial insecurities or because they are scared of other people’s opinions.

We have always been creative people, painting and producing music for years. However, we never did anything with this creativity until 2018. We started Mi-Chemin without having any knowledge of the fashion, music or art industry and we are learning new things everyday by trial and error.

After we hosted a couple of parties we decided to start producing our own clothing pieces. It has always been an ambition of us to use our creativity to create something that’s really our own. So in 2018, we started the Mi-Chemin clothing label and produced our first items. This is also the message we want to get across. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Just go for it, because even in the worst case, you will still learn a ton from the experience.